Monday, 5 October 2009

Ramp refresh

The Hooked ramps have taken a pasting over the Summer, there's no doubt about it. As we've got 1 more Roll With Us event left to see the Summer off with a bang, we wanted to freshen the ramps so they are ultra crip for the Grand Finale of Roll With Us events.

Sanding them a bit so the paint will stick. Phil loved it.

Like a scene from Ghost.

Josh even makes manual labour look cool.

Hooked soldiers at work.

The paint was trippy... and drippy.

Phil uses a professional stirring tool to mix the right colour.

A new freshness is coming...

Container Hobbits.

Dave supervises properly with a coffee.

So does Imie with Sunglasses.

Nice and shiny, ready for our friend George Mitchell to draw all over them.

Stay frosty, soldiers

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