Friday, 16 October 2009

Flip Premier @ Snakes

Soap on a Rope, Hai Karate, Starskey and Hutch- those thoughts were rattling through the head as we watch the intro to this psychedelic DV.

It's got that 70's feel, with Play- Doh spliff rollin, swearing, brightly coloured animated characters, which act as a depiction/intro to most of the skaters- some shit hot stuff going down with a Burnquist stunt man like feature on mega ramps and Tom Penny + Rowley as the UK contingent.

Purchase some wheels and watch a skate movie... heaven

Craig and JB rack loitering.

Ryan K and Lewis a guy with money on his mind - 10er to be exact.

Chad crew Flippin the sticker.

Long awaited- doesn't disappoint.
Should be out at Rollernakes around the 24th of October.
Look for it.

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