Sunday, 13 March 2011

Derby skatepark project history...

People who have been skating a few years in Derby may remember this:
In towards the end of 2007 we started pushing for a skatepark in Derby with a few Derby City Council member - and after meeting with Sports Development and Parks departments we needed to show them that Derby would love and use a proper, good size skatepark.

In February 2008 we put this video together and it was played for a few months on the Derby Big Screen and also we pushed the campaign everywhere, and Sidewalk helped us.

Check the video below if you didn't see it..

Here's the news article on the Hooked site - from the time it was published... amazing to see the date this all started. Thanks to everyone's input we managed to get over 300 responses to questionnaires which once popped into statistics we could use (in a pitch document) we were able to start the slow process of getting a skatepark.

It's finally happening, phew.

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