Monday, 28 March 2011

Orate Wakefield

So at the weekend we had a little session at King G, then up to Wakefield. Weather was epic, t-shirts and bandanas out for the lads.

Dave feeble rehearsal at King Gs

Kearney: Hyped on a road trip

Beggy came along on the trip this time, and got some gnarly footage for the Hooked video

Callum was feeling it

Hooked team lurkers unite

Kearney's got a message fo tha haters

Kearney's a blunt legend don't forget

Kearney blunts for angle #2

Josh Nicholson is a nice chap to hover above the obsceneties

While Kearney hovers above the driveway

Josh backsmiths

Models pose, been on a course for it

We were wasted, chuck the gear in the vehicle and get out

Then we saw passenger dog that ordered a McFlurry, and ate it off the spoon

Filming in Ronald's hut... while we smashed back the calories... get that red bull ready for the ride home.

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