Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mallorca trip: Part 1

February is too cold in England, so we zipped over to Mallorca for a Hooked filming trip.
We met some epic skaters and friendly people, and we'll be posting our spot guide online as well as an edit soon. Have a look.

Airport hype for Callum Moore and Jacob Bettinson

One we landed, we headed for a warm up a Sa Faxina where Jacob killed kids at skate.

Callum practiced Blue Steel


This spot got some epic mannies

Longest bench ever

Wax dat

Moore modelling



Jacob Bettinson + Dave Ford

Next spot

Awesome smooth granite ledges... Callum does daily stretches

A new barrier to protect skateboards from water as we skate the gap?

Deck still went in


Perfect benches back at Sa faxina

Jacob Bettinson bs tailslide

Angle 2

Dave's deck drying up

Epic hubbas still standing strong

Callum 5050

Jacob 5050

If only someone could do the whole lot...

Back at Hotel Hooked... wild boys


Next installement: Hooked chauffeured around by Mallorca's finest skate shop.

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