Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mallorca trip: Part 3

The final post from the Mallorca trip, where Miki Juame showed us some epic spots. Have a look what happened... and then go there. Part 1 and Part 2 of the photo tour if you missed them.

Bettinson ties his shoes up at Can Pastilla

Miki & Jacob

This spot is rad, stairs and hubbas, smooth as...

Front view

Warming up, Miki, Callum & Jacob... after some epic tricks you'll see in part 2 of this edit, we headed off to another spot

Down by the sea for this

The Losy Boys

Miki was an awesome tour guide

Callum preps

Bettinson gets some postcard photos

Callum blunt the wave

Bettinson looked cool




Onto the final spot

Manual pad by the Cathederal

Jacob nose manual

Hooked model steez

Epic lurking to be done

A massive thanks to the Hooked lurkers for working hard, Miki at Shine Skateshop and all the other Mallorca locals who gave us pointers...

Part 2 of the edit coming shortly, check part 1 if you missed it below.

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