Sunday, 19 October 2008

Featured trick tip: Fakie FS bigspin

So there's trick tips on our website, and we just wanted to bring one here - feature it to make sure everyone can do it! Get ready!

If you've already learned the fakie bs bigspin, you'll have the basics for this variation. Again you should be comfortable riding fakie and fs shove its. Roll fakie with your back foot slightly more over the heel edge of the tail and your front foot just behind the front truck bolts.

Crouch and coil in the opposite direction you'll be spinning (like for a fs 180). You'll need a bit more energy to get the shove it round 360 for this trick.

As your body rises for the pop, start to uncoil and begin your rotation frontside. Just like the fakie bs bigspin it gets tricky here, as even though you and your board are heading in the same direction, your board needs be going much faster than your body in order to get 360º whilst your body does just 180º.

When you pop and begin to get off the ground remember the fs (frontside) shove it motion, using your back foot to push the tail in front of you. This will be aided by the fakie 180 your doing over the top, and give the shove it a bit more power to get around more towards the 360 mark than the usual 180. Use your front foot to keep the board from flipping.

Look down whilst rotating to see the board coming back to you. At first you can catch these when your body is half way through the 180, with your usual back foot on the tail, and finish the last part of the rotation with your feet on the board (in the same way as a fakie bs bigspin). The awkward part of this trick is rotating blindside so you don't have as good view of your direction or the deck below you. Try to anticipate where the board will be and aim to put your back foot on the tail.

As you finish your rotation and land remember that you'll still have momentum from all the rotation, so allow your arms to finish the rotation to make sure you don't continue turning. Remember - you don't have to get the shove it around the full 360, catch it at about 270º (three quarters round) and use your body to take it the rest of the way.

Get on with it then... more tips at

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