Thursday, 9 October 2008

Prague trip - part 3

Strasnicka skatepark
So today we paid a visit to Strasnicka skatepark. This place is amazing - the layout is pretty inventive, 3 large joining bowls, with a separate L shape pool style bowl, crisp mellow mini for chilling and a lovely mix of street and banks with everything grindable. AND a sweet 7 set to keep a little of the street realism in there. Have a look.

A touch of culture

Street area with stairs


Dave ollies the seven

Different sized bowls

Dave spills in the deep end

L Shape

Weird other street section on the side lines from the main park

Awesome hut, with toilets, music and a sofa came out to play later

Nicely decorated

Instructions in the lav

Nice viewing area on top of the hut

You begin to understand from this view how it works as one area

Relaxation area in the background

Fallen is big in Prague, everyone is either wearing their shoes, caps or tees

Local Josef about to drop in on the mellow mini

Local Marek feebles the rail

This place is definitely worth checking out. If you've been to Burton skatepark, this feels similar in terms of interesting layout and obstacles. There is a great atmosphere and the locals are awesome. 

Right, better buy a coffee now we've rinsed Starbucks' free WiFi. 
See you later.

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