Sunday, 5 October 2008

Prague trip - part 1

Letna Park (Stalin Square to the rest of the world)
So some of us are in Prague, lurking around one of the most reputable skate cities in Europe. We've spent most of our time at Letna park / Stalin Square, where the ground is super smooth marble with stuff to do for everyone. It's all a bit military though... with a giant metronome swinging at the top of the hill where a 30m high statue of Stalin once stood.

The park is jammed with the locals daily, there's a good vibe here.

A favourite with the big hitters.

Here's the giant metronome.


Imagine the stuff that went down that day.

Massive hubba.

Lefthand massive hubba.

There's graffiti everywhere.

Tonnes to do.

Crip ledges.

Plenty of these ghetto blocks.

Dave back tails the ghetto block.

Stairs in all shapes and sizes.

Dave getting to grips with the ghetto kicker.

Local skater Tomas back 5-0.

Keep your eyes peeled for the shots from Mystic Skate Park, we're off there next.

Kde je hospoda? (where's the pub?)

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