Monday, 4 April 2011

Grinding up hubbas

Running from the rain, we ran away to Chesterfield to hot a mix of spots. We ended up skating only one because everyone was on blazing with stuff that needed filming. On the trip was me (Dave), Ryan Kearney, Josh Nicholson and Gabs.

A bit damp at first, warming up under the shelter

Then the sun came out and made the park bone dry

Josh was practicing bs heels out of the little bank

Kearney was gnarly and was grinding up the hubba... wait for the line on the Hooked video

Josh blasts bolts tré flips

Varial heels for an epic line

Kearney's beast of a melon

Josh + Chezzy resident Lee Atkin making this look good.

Where are we going next weekend..?

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