Friday, 22 April 2011

It's coming


Get on it!
Trailer if you've not seen it... or watch it again


  1. josh read is 20 and can only do weak kickflips why the hell is he on a video.kearney would kill that druggy waster.

  2. Don't forget skateboarding is about fun and friends... Josh is a close friend of hooked and so is everyone else on the video. All of the names at the bottom are the friends who will feature in the video. Anyone who skates and lives in derby or surrounding areas will hopefully have trick or two in the video, most people are friends of hooked. The video is getting a scene video feel will all the people who want to be involved and we welcome that. Plus, you neer k ow how much someone may have pulled out the stops for the video, which a lot if people have worked hard on so far. It should be good, and kearney's part is no exception.