Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Footage sweat & tears

Skating and filming recently... some things happened. Here's the pictures.

We called at King G to finish some line filming, Becca filmed and got hit by a board. The camera's not working properly now...

Then we hooked up with the rest of the team and zipped over to Uttoxeter... Callum lurked shotgun

Josh's giant finger joined us

Kearney set up on his new goods

So did Callum

We got some tricks on this

And this

Sam Mlot came and shot pictures and filmed on his cruiser

Guess that trick

Lurkers gonna lurk... Sam, Kearney & Callum went 12 rounds with the block to get and interesting 6 tricks on the Sabbath... dropping soon

Jolly roger

Callum models his LTD edition Hooked vest

Then does some switch flips

And fakie tré flips on the bank

Kearney was stroming as usual

Josh Nicholson was busy mingling... Aaron Morgan (Kickflip challenge winner) rocked up

Also Mark Roe rocked up, blunting the biggest quarters

Mark Roe knows

Sun was blazing

kearney back disasters gloriously

Brass monkeys

We all got a nice tan and some wounds... where next?

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