Monday, 16 May 2011

Derby skatepark: Ridable 25th May 2011

Spray of the concrete has begun, forming the curves of the transitions around the park. We're in the final stages of the build now, and we've got word the park will be ridable on and after the 25th of May. We can't wait.

There will be a full opening Jam on the 9th of May to include skate and BMX comps, which will be awesome. More information coming soon on that though.

Have a look...
Brand new quarter

Top of rooftop block is on

Top of grind box is on

Flatbank and quarter looking amazing

She's lovely

It's close to completion, 9 more days!

We're not sure what time the fences will go down on the 25th, whether it will be end of work day or not, but we'll be there the day after to grip it and rip it!

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