Saturday, 21 May 2011

Yo... gimme dat footage for the video

With not long left until we start editing for the Hooked video 'Yo Gimme Dat', we stepped up the presence of lurker-cam to action in Derby City. Here's what we saw.

Will Begg, noseslide bigspin with sunglasses on

Baby Death

Haggard after filming a line

Chev-steez with Begg-steez in background

Sam Mlot shoots the action... Ash Ely lurks


Mlot-cam sees all

BOOM, a massive Kearney TrĂ© ™

Ready for anything position

Becca films Will for the Hooked video

Then we headed to Wirksworth (which is in dire need of repair)

Josh Nicholson smashed a frontside flip over the hip... then we went because the park was a bit haggard.

Skate with us, be in the video.

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