Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Video progress + some skating

With the Hooked video 'Yo Gimme Dat' dropping this Autumn, we had a progress meeting to see what we had, what we needed and who was going to bust what to make the video as good as it can be...

Becca shows team footage and they wash it down with a caramel lattes


Something's going down

Then we went for a shralp on Mark Roe's epic mini... cheers Mark

Kearney was shredding as always

Hello... so was Josh Nicholson

Ollie with KearneyPower™

New Lakai's for Kearney


Calm down dear

Josh 5-0

Then it dried up and we went here... gnarly set of stairs, Gabs had something for them

While we chilled with a few games of SKATE until we got the boot...

Epic, now we just have to get the rest of the footage for the video we need. Thanks to everyone currently filming for the friends section and sending in footage... it's going to be epic!


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