Wednesday, 30 November 2011

MK undercover lurkfest

We zipped down to Milton Keynes to get some last footage for the now available from Rollersnakes Yo, Gimme Dat Hooked video. Have a look at what went down.

Good spirits

Hooked models

Flossing with headphones

Shock as Callum destroys it... the board that is

Willy grind from Mr C Moore

Shoe erosion


Cold filming

Willy grind the hubba

Some local dudes found a giant cotton reel

Some stress

Some more stress

Grand finale of stress

Calm down, we're meeting a Benny Fairfax lookalike in McRonalds

- Get yo copy of the Hooked video 'Yo, Gimme Dat' for a small price in Rollersnakes store now

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