Sunday, 20 November 2011

Yo, Gimme Dat Premier

The premier eventually came, and it was an awesome night. A great turn out of Derby and surrounding area skaters came to see what the Derby locals were dropping in the video.
The video will be on sale through the Hooked website shortly, and also be available in the Rollersnakes store.

Everyone lurking in the Quad reception...

Long time friend of Hooked Kate came to watch

Gaige, Tom, Liam, Jimmy and Connor rocked up

Closer to the showing we all headed upstairs

It was getting manic

getting tight down stairs

Getting excited with the shandy

The Derby crew building

Chris Popp, get that shoulder better soon dude

Chev had done some good filming and got some good tricks in the vid

Bettinson was excited to have the last part

Sat down, ready for the show


Bettinson bs flips in the sun

Watch dat video

Thanks to everyone who came, watched, skated in it, lurked etc. Derby is epic.

Look out for the b-sides and unused epic footage on our YouTube channel soon, featuring all the footage we couldn't fit in the video, alternative angles, slams and more.

Pick a video up from Rollersnakes for a mere £5! Or order one from our website soon!

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