Friday, 25 November 2011

Nottingham parks tour

We zipped over to Notts the other week to bag some 6 tricks clips... Hucknall, Newstead then Clifton. Have a look.

Hucknall certainly is new, interesting design too.

Some good tranny


Some cool manny pad features... Callum nose mannies across

Full of scooters and BMXers though

Lurkers Callum, Kearney & Chev

Then we zipped over to Newstead where Derby's filmer Chev bagged us lots of footage

Callum front lips the bar

Cool customers

Chev sniper

Kearney fs 5-0 180


Callum willy grind the hubba

Chev on film duty with 550D

Then finally we zipped over to Clifton

We filmed some stuff

Then did some epic rail stuff

Smashed it

And left... haggard. Footage coming soon.

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