Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Featured Trick Tip: Nollie Heelflip

Too cold to jump down some stairs? Too fragile to punish your
back on the coping? Learn something new in your garage or a car park!


This trick is basically a kickflip, but you pop off your front foot and flip with your back foot this time. 

So to start you need to be in a similar position to a nollie, with your back foot slightly more over 

to the heel edge of the board.


As you crouch, you'll be looking forward, but point your back foot slightly toward the tail 

of the board, in a similar way to what you do with your front foot in a kickflip.


As you pop and start the flip, hit down and forward with your front foot as you do in a nollie, 

this will help you stay over your board and not leap forward. Flipping the board is tricky as 

it's your back foot and it won't be used to the power, so really give it some power to flip it round.


At first these will be really low and you'll probably land primo a lot as it's difficult to 

get used to the flip with your back foot. The key is the power in the back foot, you'll need 

lots more than you'd normally use in a kickflip.


Catching these is difficult as you tend to pull your back foot to the middle of the 

board at first, so try to land with your feet spread evenly over the board. 

Truckbolt landings are best. To help avoid this, the pushing down and

forward of the nose as you pop will help.

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