Sunday, 25 January 2009

Mallorca Trip

So we went off chasing some sun and dry ground. Mallorca is a great place to skate and the spots there have been on many a video. You might recognise some of these...

Early flight sunrise

In flight entertainment

Get down

We bumped into the Blueprint crew - Mark Baines, Nick Jensen, Paul Shier & Danny Brady

Apartment entertainment

Locals are nice

Dream bench... 

Standard bench, lines galore

Stairs and hubbas, so much fun if you like that sort of thing

This is big, I saw Sheckler back tail this on a video

Creative street spots in town

Nice, but a police bust if you skate them

We were gutted this was so haggard

We got some new bearings

From the local skateshop Switch People

Seen here by night - everything is open late

Dave practices noseslide shuvs


Someone has stapled a metal edge to this... smooooth

One of the main skate areas, a hotspot and meeting point

This sweet 6 hubba has seen better days, good to slide though

I thought the council seƱors were getting rid of that wax...

Turns out they were just giving them a fixing and cleaning, whilst leaving them fully skatable (if a bit wet)

Bone dry ground never looked so good

Becca brought us a picnic in disguise

The the festival kicked off

That was smashed over someone's head later

Street BBQs... burning sausages everywhere

Look out for footage
We worked hard

And filmed stuff

So if you fancy getting out there, the main spot we lurked around in these pictures is here:

Look out for the footage on here soon.

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