Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Spray..."Between the Lines"


While doing some street skating in Sheffield you can't help but come across some great graffiti, and some of it's this guy's! 
We managed to catch up with a prolific local artist Phlegm, and we put him through the wringer.

Hooked: Hey Phlegm, ok you ready, clear you throat, aaahhh phlegm/throat, you must get that all the time, ha... sorry

Hooked: What or who influenced you to start doing what you do?

I wanted to take the normal art route, but it didn't work out. After studying fine art at Uni I gave up on it all, finding all too elitist.

Hooked: How old were you when you started scribbling?

All children draw, some just can't stop I guess. I suppose being completely rubbish at everything else helps. 

Hooked: I wouldn't say that dude, from all reports your a cool skater as well.

Hooked:You've worked in many areas and mediums...Do you consider yourself a street artist, an illustrator or a designer... or none of these?

I don't know. I love painting in the street and its a really important part of my work but I'd have to say my real ambition is to write good comics, Both practices are dependent on the other... I use the street to test things aesthetically and I use the comic as a final concept. 

Hooked: What is your favorite medium(screen, spray, marker, brush,etc)and what do you find you work in the most?

My one and only true love is black indian ink and dip pen, I can't abide these fancy pens all kids use these days. Quills all the way. If I work in colour it's either spray paint or screen print that floats my boat.

Hooked: You skate yourself, what sort of skating do you enjoy- are you partial to mini ramp, or what? Also if you could do a trick all day, what would it be?

Street. The way skaters go mad searching for spots is exactly the same as it is with painting... it's all about spots. It drives me mad, I can't go anywhere without thinking about either skating or painting it!
I tend to go through phases with tricks, I spent summer obsessing about Varial Heels, at the moment I'm rocking the 360 Flips.

Hooked: Have you thought about adding board design into your repertoire?

I've not really touch on that yet. I've got a few things brewing with some board companies but really I want to make sure it's the right company. I have a series of designs based on Victorian taxonomy and cryptozoology but it's so much work, I need to find the time to do it.

Hooked: For any illustrator and artist out there, what advice would you give someone trying to break into the scene and industry?

Don't think in terms of breaking into an industry, I think that's peoples mistake. You do something you love and get lost in it.

Hooked; Words of wisdom there Dude, cool.

Hooked: In terms of making a living, do you have more success selling murals/comics/prints/installations or being commissioned to do them privately?

Comics and prints seem to keep me afloat. Work on the street tends to be from my own pocket, at least fifty percent of the time. I don't mind taking money for it if it helps make the project get bigger and better or if I have to travel...

Hooked: What's the strangest location you've worked?

I painted the outside of a lift shaft in Exeter this summer, I was hanging from a piece of rope for three days swinging from side to side trying to reach the edges. I walked like a crab for a week afterwards.

Hooked:What other exciting project have you got coming up next?

At the moment I'm writing and drawing a thirty page story set at sea, which I'm making into an A4 book sometime in the spring. I really want to make sure I don't spread myself thin this year, so I'm putting most of my effort into that at the moment.

Hooked: Do you play EA Skate on Xbox 360?

Nah, I haven't had a computer since my Commadore 64 sometime in the 80's. I've had a go of it though, I was quit happy stood still making him do crazy flatland tricks.

Hooked: What upsets you?

Apathy, nasty people, and cats that won't let you stroke them.

Hooked: Would you like to big up anyone?

I wouldn't know were to start, I've meet so many talented people.

Thanks for takin the time Dude.. an apologies for the shit joke earlier. .Word.

                     Check out more at
www.phlegmcomics.com      www.phlegmcomicnews.blogspot.com   


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