Saturday, 17 January 2009

Review... Skate 2

Get Your Thumbs Out, Download Now Available!

You've been in prison for 5 years, since then the city New San Vanelona that you know and love to skate has changed.  A mega company has taken over the place and killed the scene with skate stoppers, burley security guards and numerous other obstacles, sound familiar, it's the new story behind Skate 2 from the wizards at EA.

We got our hands on the download off the Xbox 360, there is a few changes, the graphics are cool and there is more interaction with the environ, for instance Jersey barriers fall over if you hit them wrong. The ability to get off your board is a bonus, it lets you do Hippys and Cave Mans if your that way inclined. Slappy's place has had a face lift, he must have come into some money or summit cause his park has flourished.

The levels seem bigger with more detail then the original Skate, but thats typical of EA they always are good on level dimensions, the only down side to the game is the wait, roll on Jan 23rd...

Thanks for the pics Electronic Arts

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