Saturday, 7 November 2009

Featured trick tip: Full Cab

The Full cab is simply a fakie 360 ollie, and if you can get confident enough put them down anything but flat, it's going to look good.

For this trick you'll need to be comfortable with bs halfcabs (fakie bs 180). Start rolling fakie at a slow speed at first, with your back foot more over the toe edge of the tail, and your front foot in the middle of the board behind the truck bolts.

Crouch down for the pop, and crouch down low. The more height you can get on the pop the better your trick will be. Coil the opposite way to the way you'll be rotating for the full cab, and go further than in a normal half cab.

Pop and uncoil. You might need your arms out to balance, but the less your arms stick out the fast you'll be able to rotate. That's not to say they should be by your side...

As you rise up continue to uncoil, aim for your upper body to be facing the way you are moving as you leave the ground. The key to this is power in the rotation, so the more you can blast it round the better.

As your in the air it will be a bit of a blur but the longer you can hold out before putting a wheel down the better. Pop is crucial, so stay high!

Chances are your front wheels will hit the ground first, and the first few times you might have to slide around the second 180. Again, it's better if you can get most of your 360 rotation done in the air, so try and make and sliding action as small as possible, i.e. last 90 degrees. You should still be over the bolts - but if your board is leaving your feet simply start smaller. with a bs halfcab, and slide round the rest of the way. Don't give up.

Now watch the footage

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