Monday, 23 November 2009

Get your bearings: Brian Sumner talks to Hooked

Legendary Englishman turned US big hitter tells us how it's hanging after The Beginning, The End and everything in between.

Brian - you're an Englishman who's living the dream - tell us a bit about where you're living
and who you're representing at the moment.

I am an Englishman and I lived the dream, Living in Huntington Beach california in USA. It's a surf town 40 mins south of LA and 40 mins north of San Diego.

You're an American Citizen now, how much do the skate spots there differ from the ones
here in England?

I have been a citizen for about 2 years. Honestly the spots are hard to skate here in Huntington Beach, almost everything has been skated for years and so its a bust. Mostly parks and such. But when there are spots they are great. perfect run up with nice sized objects.

You rode for Birdhouse for years, there must have been some serious $$$ in that. What
made you leave Birdhouse?

I had been there 12 years, and so as I became a Christian I wanted to use skating for what it is given for, sharing The Gospel. So I switched most of my sponsors to ride for Christian ones.

You've been skating for a long time now, what keeps it fresh and what's your all time
favourite trick?

Trick? I like nosebluntslides... What keeps it fresh? Just looking at things differently. Honestly I just enjoy a nice smooth ground with a good sized ledge... To go out and do stuff I just have to want to do a certain trick.

Are there any tricks you feel you should have down but don't?

Lol, front feebles and backside smiths for sure. They are awesome and its a rare occasion I have them.

Are you filming for any video parts at the moment?

Just finished a project entitled "Foolishness". Have about 30 tricks in it but its a Ministry tool. 60 mins with 40 mins extra footage. Am about to start a new project soon.

You have a project and show called Uprising on American television, how did that come

Well originally I wanted to work on a movie around the three of our (Pastor Jay, Pastor Christian Hosoi and myself) lives. I spoke with Ben Cerrulo who is over Steelroots which is an offshoot of INSP. He wanted to get involved and soon after Pastor Jay having an outreach we are part of us called The Uprising and then Hosoi wanting to also do something it ended up being a reality show. It came together by the networks openess, a name Pastor Jay had brought together and us all just wanting to do something. 1st Season was 8 episodes, 2nd one is 10.

What other big names in skateboarding appear on the show?

Many, Josh Harmony, Chad Tim Tim, Paul Rodriguez, Richard Mulder, Richard Jefferson, Darrell Stanton and more...

So would you say your skating style or technique has changed as you do many more demos
than a lot of pros out there? Has this had any effect you your skills, for example are
you more consistent under pressure?

Lol, well I toured for many years, and I also spent time focused on tricks. Today my focus is sharing The Gospel so as of now its demos and tours but I also would like to make a serious video focused on skating. Truthfully though people who aren't even sponsored are doing just as gnarly stuff as pros...

Most people would call it an honour and priveledge to skate and hang out with
Christian Hosoi. You two are great friends, how did that come about?

Have known him for years. When he got out of jail I was searching for The Lord. He had done so while in jail. That was about 5 years ago and we hang out almost everyday... My wife and his actually hang out more than we do. But we have kids and are always in Ministry together. †

Do you have any advice for any young and talented skaters that may be thinking of
emigrating for a future in skateboarding?

Yeah, skateboarding is amazing, it is neutral. It isn't owned by anyone, but probably the influence which comes from skating may well lead you into following the crowd into what most of my friends and the most known skaters have fallen into. When it finally settles down, for them, the false attention and the need for medication of some sort daily has robbed them of anything worthwhile. To me, I would give it all up for what Jesus Christ has done for me. Skating will pass, Jesus won't.

And finally, what's next on your horizon?

Serve Him. Love my wife, raise my kids, be a light. Life had so much in it but I was so empty, now after it seeming to be empty to so many it is full of joy and satisfaction the world can't give. Have a premiere this weekend, build the saturday night service I preach at, work on some DVD/TV projects, write a book and await His return.

Any thanks that you want to give?

I thank My Lord and Savior for dying on the cross for my sins. My marriage, was failed I didn't care about living while having 100 of thousands of dollars in the bank and in things, face on cover of this or that, name on this or that but not knowing the hope I now have. I thank Jesus, my family, my friends and all that is taking place. † Thanks for the interview.

No problem, thanks for talking to us. Keep up the good work, and those trick tips you did helped us out loads! Cheers.

Check out Brians video part for The Beginning.

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