Tuesday, 3 November 2009

"Sage Derby and Riveta"... Not quite "Cheese and Crackers" but close!

Mini Mayhem
When someone says, "oh I've got a ramp in the shed in my back garden" we always think- small, dingy, whippy, with numerous cob webs and screws sticking through the face of the ply.
And when you want to skate you have to remove the kids discarded bikes a few plant pots and a rats nest or two... but in this case we were overwhelmingly surprised.
When we were first shown this build it was it was like a shining beacon of hope in an other wise over cast Derby suburb. The steel clad structure seemed to produce its own radiance and feeling of well being, one could only bask in its reverence and inherent beauty with the... oh cut the crap and get to the point!!
Professionally done and using all recycled materials this place is wicked and nothing like we've ever seen before in a back yard- the minis a 3 footer rising to a 4 foot metre length on the far right corner. The ramp itself has the perfect transition for its size as verified by Craig Smeddly and everyone else that skated there on the night.
The Build... Sweet as Honey!
Recycled shelving
Lovely lights

The Builder.

Mark representing.
The Shed Shredders
Craig cracks out a switch tre on the 4 footer.
Darrell W and Toby B... Daz getting ready to drop.
This board was jealous Beans wasn't riding it.

Rad Dad films.
Seen the light!
Peeping Tom shoots Gair.

Ready for anything position
Through the fishies eye

Chris Gair... getto stylin.
Daz crux.

JB on a charge, his classic big air frontside flip indy
Toby B, lashing of pinash.
Trouser Takes.
BS fiddy
Ryan N blunt.

The Shed Shredders... Part Deux

Ryan N... 5050.
Daz no comply to tail as Tobys look on.

Rad dad... far too close for comfort.
JB on the going for the elusive 360 hardflip.
Smeders throwin one.
And again
Mr Dave cam loitering!

CS eyein up the big one.
Smeders on the move, "I can't believe its a f...in shed"!

**Footage coming soon!**

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