Tuesday, 24 November 2009

New News, News New, New News...

Ravenous has a Skate Team!

On our regular pilgrimages to The House skate park just recently we bumped into Martin Kennelly, he was doing some filming with his new team, yes, new team called Ravenous (like the movie).

With over 40 new board designs waiting in the wings and with 4 of those for sale at The House - it looks like these guys are here to stay.

They have a team as well - all of a week old, here's the line up:

Louie Jones
Timmy Garbett
Joe Marks

Louie throwin down switch fs 360's just to warm up.

Crux and 5050 to pass the time.

New boooarddss... uuummmm!

Must get different angles... Must get different angles... the park was busy with cam jocks.

Martins hoping the weather clears so he can get some street- aren't we all!
'All the Best on the new venture dudes" from Hooked- on the move!

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