Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Chesterfield Sk8 Park... Slick or What!

"Slicker than Jack Frost's nuts in the middle of winter" we over heard one sk8ter exclaim to another.
"Greaser than a fish fryers fingers" or summit was another.

We'd forgive you if ya thought we were up to our ankles in blowing snow and freezin off our proverbials, but were not.

Enveloped in the basting sun of a 25c day, and sweatin buckets(thats not due to prolific skating it's due to the concentration it takes to stay on your board without slidin out) we gingerly wheeled onto what once was a sweet skate.

Now a disaster waitin to happen, we hope the council rectify this un real soon... thanks to some ingenious sole that did a paint job, which helps a bit- but Chessy Park at present is a no goer unless you want to practice your power slides all day long.


  1. We think it's from constant use and the fact there is a lot of dust- wheels and walkin on the surface has sanded it mega smooth. Not a healthy skate right now.

  2. its always been that smooth. ever since it first opened