Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Derby Degree Show 10

We hit the Notts show a few weeks ago, now it's Derby's turn!

Were been to these quite a bit over the years, catchin up with cossies(textiles), light fantastic(graphic design), smudge(illustration), non-verbal design(visual arts) patriotic classics(get to that one later).

And after all the years of attendance finally we'd like to report somethin real close to our hearts sk8 board design... hang on I'll say it again, sk888 boaarrdd dessignn.

Yep you heard it right, we just couldn't believe it, but thanks goes out to Marcus Lee for steppin up to the plate(watch future posts for more).

Nice one dude!

Time to reflect... shit not again!

Board design...

Marcus comin up with some top tan lines.

Rad graphs...

One left..we got it.

Paler shades of deck.


5000 odd pennies... what??


Givin companies a run for there money, watch out Vans.

Eco friendly... ??

Patriotic classics...

Uuummm... ?


Slice of sodding grass perhaps...

... keep slappin on the sun lotion, look what happens if ya don't.

What the, baby on a hot tin roof... no thats cat int it?

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