Thursday, 10 June 2010

Get your bearings: Moggins chats to Hooked

Wildman and all round thrasher Moggins has been repping Death since 2004... we find out what crazy lurkfests have been going down.

Alright Moggins, we've not seen much of you lately, tell us what you've been busy with, and who your repping at the mo.

I've just been skating loads when the weather lets me, trying to travel to as many new places as possible, I've just got back from the Ukraine doing something for Kingpin and I'm off to Crete tomorrow to chill because I've got a dodgy ankle. I'm skating for Death skateboards, Circa combat UK and Slugger skateshop in Chesterfield, cheers to all the people who give me stuff, I really appreciate it!!

You've been on Death for a fair while - who's shredding in your eyes on the UK scene at the minute?

Boots, Adam Moss, Tea Bag, Daryl Nobbs, Timmy Garbett, Mark Nicolson, Radman, Ben Devine, Mike Wright, Raemers.
The list could go on forever but they are a few I could watch shred all day.

If you could skate one spot all day, what would it be?

The spot I do skate all day is the 50p shaped block at the Plaza in Stoke, lipslides like a dream!! But if it could be any spot I'd have to say Mt Baldy fullpipe, the most perfect pipe in the world.
My ideal spot would be a 50ft long round flat bar with a street spine and one end, if anyone knows of a spot like this then let me know!!

I'm sure one will get built in the next few years the way it's going.
What do you think about all these parks popping up all over the country... Somewhere for skaters to get shuffled off to out of sight, or fertile training grounds preparing our rippers to get even more gnar on the streets?

It's nice to finally see some good parks being built, for a long time it seemed that only a small percentage of new parks were designed/built properly. For some reason councils seem to think that getting a company that builds carparks will do a good job of building a skatepark.
It's definately good because it means you always have a place to skate, I just dont like how people seem to get stuck at their local park and never go anywhere else. The park is good for the week after work but at the weekend get on the train and go somewhere!!

Good advice for everyone.
How much would it take to bribe you to push mongo in the rest of your video parts?

Hahaha no way!! I pushed mongo when I first started skating and as soon as I realised how stupid it looked I learnt how to push properly!!

Ha, success story!
What trick(s) are you learning at the minute?

I've just changed my set up from having 1/4" riser pads and 58mm wheels to no risers and 54mm wheels so my board actually flips now, so I've just been trying to re-learn a load of flip tricks, plus any lipslide/boardslide variation on a block, it's the funnest thing to do.

What's your favourite trick of all time and why do you like it?

Favourite to do is definately backside feebles on a flat bar and front lipslides on a block.
Favourite to watch 360 flips done properly (none of this stupid kick your back foot off as far as it will go crap) backside 360's and judo airs.

What have you got coming up; anything your filming for, tours, ads your shooting for etc?

I'm finishing off a Haunts for Sidewalk, theres gonna be an article in Kingpin issue 82 I think from our Ukraine trip.
Filming for the new Death video 'Ordinary Madness' and there's gonna be a Death tour in August.

Sounds sick! Very busy...
What trick have you got that would shut someone downina game of skate?

I'm a bit crap when it comes to flip trick consistency, and now no one ever allows no complies thanks to the Berrics.
I've got the casper flip on lock for games of skate and its such a stinking trick though so thats the only time its allowed to be performed.
Late backside shoveits and the same but fakie too, they always seem to get a few people.

Finally, what advice would you give to a young ripper aiming to take their skating further, into a career?

To be honest I couldnt give any advice, I dont make any money from skateboarding, I've never had a trip abroad paid for me.
I go and graft all week so I can literally spend every penny of my wages travelling to skate purely because I love it so much and I wouldn't want to do anything else in the world.
I'd say to kids just enjoy skating, dont ever let it become boring or let it stress you out too much, and try and travel as much as you can, theres nothing like skating new things,
especially when they are in a country you'd never thought you'd visit or the craziest spot you never thought you'd go to.

Cheers Moggins, some great advice in there for all of us. Keep us posted on your movements and I'm sure we'll be reading about them.

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