Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wild in the parks: Mansfield

The forecast said sun... but we had wind and cloud. Luckily all the berzerk people warmed the place up. By 11:30 it was jam packed with all sorts, friends from everywhere.
Good to see the Derby crew repping, and entering the comps.

Busy lurkers, Smedders looks for a line

In the background, people are queueing for free snap off the BBQ

Quiet moment, Adam nosegrinds the rail

And Will Golding front feebles it

Jacob Bettinson back lips it

Lewis Mottershaw front heels... got the highest score in the under 14s comp... beast

Josh Price nose manny

Craig Smedley rocking his new Osiris boots into a flip back tail

Ryan Kirk 5050 nollie 180

The entry point

Shane Lee was thinking outside the box and flipped this gap

Which lead to this

It was getting busy... to busy to skate if you're not into barging your way in


Stay Gold son

Fraser was hung over... managed to crawl to McRonalds

Then a picnic with Toby

Some action kicked off, Josh Young noseblunts the taco time after time

Adam worked on his flip back tails

Some free food... and a good day out.

Keep your eyes peeled for the edits of the day and the comp results, they aren't yet published as this drops live.
Woot, Sunny in Derby.

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