Saturday, 11 September 2010

Derby skatepark project: Consultation episode 1

The first design workshop happened at Quad today, with the Council, Rollersnakes and Hooked - as well as one of the design team from Freestyle to discuss the designs with the people.

Well the initial concepts were revealed to everyone, and we had some great thoughts and feedback. If you couldn't make it, here's what was discussed.

Scheme initial concept 1

Scheme initial concept 2

Everyone has looked over the concepts, filled out a form with their ideas / comments / criticism / scribbles. If you've not had a say, don't forget there's another session on Wednesday 15th of September at Rollersnakes. 5pm - 8pm.

Loads of the skate crew gave their thoughts

Really busting out the ideas... over tea

The BMXers had some ideas

Sizing it up to scale

This part is rad

Discussions over sandwich

Steve from Freestyle chats through some build options with visuals

Checking out the concepts

Cut and paste ideas

Rob from Rollersnakes gets his ideas across

There were too many thoughts and ideas going round to chat about here, but once Wednesday's session is over, Freestyle will collate all the feedback and see what elements and ideas we're dealing with, and how they can be incorporated to get us the best park around. It's hard to please all user groups, as we all have different size wheels.

One thing to note is that the quality of Freestyle's finish came under question, and they'll be putting down a sample to check we're all happy with it. We don't want it to be too smooth like Chesterfield and Steve from Freestyle is more than happy to ensure we get a finish we're absolutely stoked on.

Keep your eyes peeled - remember your thoughts count, so get them heard by coming on wednesday to consultation number 2.

Cheers to everyone who came today.

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