Friday, 24 September 2010

Your feedback counts

We've been busy sifting through the report of skatepark feedback that you've given us. We had a copy of every sheet and every scribble that came back from the consultation. This, compiled with all of the information we've received in other forms, will help to craft our new Derby park into something special.

Got the green light and the park is coming

We zipped over to this new place to do business

Looking through the report of consultation and background of the project that the Council have put together for us

Some good statistics of the people who came to have their say

Becca analyses the scribblings

Data is recorded

Some great ideas logged from the consultation

Keep some, change some

We got a report on the feedback from you lot

Case closed, until the next meeting and visual... thanks for the input, we'll all make sure it's right, and we'll all see a visual after Freestyle have met with the Council, Rollersnakes and Hooked to feed back. Can't wait!

Keep you posted.

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