Friday, 17 September 2010

You lot are famous

The Derby Evening Telegraph has posted up the article on their site... check it out and add some positive comments, don't let the haters get away with it!

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A SKATEBOARDING park in Derby city centre could deter anti-social behaviour and attract skaters from across the region, say planners.
A design workshop showcasing the planned park was held at Rollersnakes skating shop, in Mansfield Road, where scores of skateboarders and BMX enthusiasts gave their opinions.
The £200,000 skate park would be on Bass's Recreation Ground and would allow activities like skateboarding, rollerblading and BMX.
Darren Pearcy, team manager at the shop, said people currently have to travel outside Derby to use a skateboarding park.

He said: "We've got a growing BMX and skating scene in the city and a lot of people have to travel around to use good skate parks.
"There isn't a central location where people can socialise.
"But a skate park on Bass's Rec means it is central to everyone in Derby. It will be near the bus station and the train station so people can travel from outside the city to use the facility."
Rob Johnson, who also works at Rollersnakes, said that, instead of attracting anti-social behaviour, a skate park would deter it.
"Most cities in the country have one and they are very popular with young people," he said.
"It would deter anti-social behaviour because, for skaters, their main focus is to enjoy their hobby and to encourage each other.
"And if it is on the Bass's Rec, then it is an open area, meaning it won't attract the wrong people."
Becca Hall, a manager at local skating organisation Hooked, which is working on the plans with Derby City Council, said the plans had been almost three years in the making.
She said: "Derby is crying out for a skate park. This will be one so good that it won't just attract people from the city but from across the region.
"This means more tourism and more business for local hotels."
Tom Ball, 21, of Allestree, said he and his friends currently travel as far as Yorkshire to visit skate parks.
"There aren't that many amazing skate parks in Derby, so we go out to Sheffield, Leeds and Chesterfield to use ones there," he said.
"This one would be more accessible and it would definitely get used a lot."
Tom Wynne, 19, of Littleover, viewed the plans with friend Dan Brown, 20, of Findern.
"It's good for skaters to be recognised as a group and to be allowed to give input into the plans," said Tom.
Consultation is being undertaken over the next few weeks, with the intention of submitting the project for planning permission next month.
If planning permission is granted, then construction is due to start in December 2011.

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