Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Derby Skatepark Project: Feeding back the feedback

So, we had a meeting tonight to discuss the findings of the feedback from the consultation. We prepared a document to present our thoughts on what definitely needs changing, what could be changed and what should definitely stay.

With a group of BMXers, Daz and Rob from Rollersnakes, the Council and us Hooked reps, we briefed John from Freestyle as to what needs to be done.

Got our heads around it

Marked it up

It will be reformed into a new park

Keeping some, and changing some

Freestyle will come back to us with a new layout from what we've all said, hoped for, wanted and hated. The good bits are in, with new good bits, and the bad bits are out.
It's going to be sick...

We'll keep you posted.

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