Wednesday, 3 September 2008

"Between the Covers"

The Inside Story, Sidewalk Magazine

When your scratching your head at the news agents pondering over which Skate mag to buy, there are two British mags that are worth their weight, and Sidewalk's one of them.
Starting in 1995, Sidewalk was founded by Jim Peskett (publisher), Wig Worland (photo editor), and Andrew Horsley - it emerged from the ashes of the once-proud Rad magazine. The 'inspiration' was to have a good,  grass roots UK skate mag to represent the UK scene.

The mag originally was called "Sidewalk Surfer", this was the earliest term for skateboarding, it was meant to relate to the history of the culture. The "Surfer" was dropped because it made cover design easier.

Recently the mag has noticed an emergence of more and more quality skate parks, thus more amazing skaters. Also more females skaters coming onto the scene.

It's not just the mag, Sidewalk has had a web presence for nearly a decade - footage, forums, etc. Go check it out and you will see!


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