Friday, 26 September 2008

Top up your Mojo...Be on the Hooked Team

Hooked wants to Sponsor You!

Hooked has now come to a  stage in its life were it wants to broaden its horizons, and that means steppin it up a notch, we need a team of Skaters to Represent. To get out on the Streets, at Comps, Events, Photo and Film Shoots for the Website and Blog. In turn you will receive a Team Support Package, which includes Hooked Decks, Tees etc, and all the other advantages of being part of the Crew.

So if you feel you got the Mojo(balls/clout/confidence) to show us what you can do, go Rip it Up!

Email a link to your footage, or send a "Sponsor Me" vid to with your details .

Get Hooked!!

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