Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Derby Spots Review: School benches

If you like grinds, slides and lines, this spot is a little bit of heaven. Imagine a quiet retreat with a garden, flowers - even a little allotment... with a tarmac floor and a line of four evenly spaced knee high benches. Crip.

Perfect arc of benches... bust a trick on each one if your quick

The benches are round on the edges - but made of something slick and smooth

Skatable from both sides

Interesting pop - manny - pop combos in here - with varying manny distances

This is a great place to skate with a small group of pals with stuff to do for people who enjoy the flat, manny tricks and grinds - but don't expect anything to throw a hammer down. 
Unfortunatley we can't disclose the location of this sweet hideaway on this blog, but chances are if you lurk around Derby you've already skated it!

Happy hunting!

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