Wednesday, 3 September 2008

"Getting Your Bearings"

An interview with the Sidewalk Skate Magazine Editor Ben Powel

Hooked: Firstly Ben, we here at Hooked appreciate you taking the time out to do this for us. Cheers
Right take a deep breath, here we go...

Hooked: How long have you been at Sidewalk?

12 years in total, 8 years as editor.

Hooked: Give us a quick run through of a day in the life of a Sidewalk Editor. 

Wake up, check emails, check the forums, answer the phone 200 times, do some work, go out skating or filming. It varies from day to day.

Hooked: Do you have a favorite issue, if so, what was special about it?

Probably issue 100 - for many reasons - not least because we'd made it that far and it had tons of our friends in there, some of whom we hadn't seen or heard from for years. Oh, and the first one - for similar reasons.

Hooked: So those of you in issue 100, get in touch!!

Hooked: Do you have a favorite, park or venue that you enjoy visiting/filming, it could be anywhere in the world?

As long as there's a whippy 4ft or under mini ramp I'm happy. I would've said Carpetworld (OG spot near my house) but a bunch of smackheads OD'd there so the spot is now off-limits. Nice one scum bags....

Hooked: Do you skate yourself, if so how much do you skate these days and what stuff do you ride?

Cheeky bastard. How the hell could I do my job if I didn't skate? I skate all the time - when I'm not filming or working. I like mini ramps the most these days as I get older.

Hooked: Ha ha, nice one...What upsets you dude?

Pointless bickering and idiots trying to claim skateboarding as their own. Oh, and Ryan Sheckler obviously....ha ha

Hooked: Is there anyone you'd like to thank?

All the people who buy/contribute/appear in/etc the magazine. And Buddha.

Hooked: That was wicked dude, keep doin what your doin! thanks.

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