Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Spray..."Between the Lines"

Adam Neate
Leaving His Work on the Streets

Living in London Adam spends his spare time skateboarding and painting.
Dubbed as the English Picasso, his technique is very distinctive, and just recently some of his work has been sold for more than £30.000.

 However the unusual thing about Adam is how he gained recognition!

After a few years of painting, his house became full, and the usual disposal of his art, giving it away to friends and family, was exhausted. Even charity shops refused to accept it. So reluctantly he left his work on the street to be collected for rubbish. Hours later, after passing his pile of paintings still awaiting collection, he realized a lot had gone missing.
This gave him an idea...  leave some of his stuff on the streets!

Most of his art is now done on recycled cardboard, so keep an eye out if ever you are in the Smoke, you maybe lucky enough to take home an Adam Neate original... FREE.

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