Saturday, 26 February 2011

Back to Burton

After a camera malfunction on Thursday, we needed to head back to Burton and refilm some jazz.

Josh Nicholson is a model

Chevy the filming monster lurks

Kearney invents a new gap

Gap to bank, Kearney style

Tighten the nuts

Kearney rocks the gingerbread

Hope that's a handshake

After we got our footage and a few new bits, we went on an adventure to a hidden spot in Burton, build by the locals

It was a bit like Stand By Me

Some ghetto kit had been constructed

Epic gap rail, amazing

Bank to barrier (sweeping brush needed)

Kearney's waiting for the wider trucks for his 8.5 deck... how does he even flip it?

Everything needed a lick of wax to grind

Then we headed back to the park for a chill as our legs were battering

Red sky at night... it's going to be nice!

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