Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sheff city slickers

Footage trip to Sheffield to scour the streets for spots to get footage at. We kept this trip organic, and rolled up to what we felt like, as well as hunting some new spots.

Callum sets deck up in car park

Chev chills at first spot

Callum warms up with a few grinds

Kearney finds a gap

kearney with our friend Phlegm's handywork in the background

Chev plays with some lenses

The panel judge Callum's line

Stair dance

Rocked up a Devonshire Green

Sat down steez


kearney floats the hip

Callum got a few bits

Forgot how steep this hip was

Derby filming monster

Callum's slizzers for fun

Don't point that bail gun at me


Next spot, the ledges

Chev lurks

Callum nollie 5-0


Shoes, similar merchandising quality as TK Maxx

Next spot, manny fun

Chev films Callum





Haggard, back to car park

Some games of skate

Judge Chev Berra

Back into the automobile, and off home. Safes.

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