Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Not too many of you will have seen this ancient mysterious relic of a book. Harry (former Unabomber and Flip team manager) published a guide to ridable architecture in 2001. It's still useful now although some spots and have died and new ones have been born.

Have a look.

Sections of the UK

Up the midlands

A few recognisable faces on these location montage... Mark Bains on the Sheff scene

All the spots shot and identified on a map


Sheff spots, some now dead

Familiar face on the Nottingham scene, Rob Johnson from Rollersnakes

Look at all the goodies

Londaaaan has pages and pages.

Well, one of the areas where Hooked gets intel is this ancient knowledge book. Skateparks are lovely, but don't forget the streets.

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