Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Derby takeover at Burton

Sunday was awesome, tonnes of Derby lurkers piled to Burton. 4 Cars of dudes in total.
Gnarly gap session, people doing ticks for a pound, 83p prize money for SKATE winner and we're doing business.

It was cold though... Josh Nicholson approves English weather

Hip discussion: Ash, Chris, Dan + Brett

Birdseye view of the hip

Brett nollie back heels

Ash flips

Milner shoves in all directions

Dan Harmen blows brains out with techness

Chev lurked for the boss angles

Will loves taking slams

Brett melon

Dan Harman... I know this was something good

Will was flipping the gap like it was curb

Chevy metal

Hooked rep Kearney spanked a double flip down it

Will is one footing... or kicking the front foot off for TIME

Kearney's got pop

Josh Nicholson goes for blunt NBDs on mini

Blunt bs flip out practice for Hooked lurker Callum Moore

Then some berzerk games of skate went down with UKSA man of the moment Matt Redfern

It was epic

Kearney handed letters out to everyone like wine gums

Matt - Straight flip... those nollie inward heels were killers

Everyone's favourite steezenuts George Worthington

Brett's got switch frontside flips like normal people have kickflips

Judges panel after blazing legs in too many games

Looks dodgy

Block session queue

Callum fakie tré

George nosegrind

George bs 5-0

Epic session with some solid footage to go. Cheers dudes.

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