Monday, 7 February 2011

Tour of duty: Fleckney & Braunstone

We'd been dying to check out Fleckney since we rocked up on the way back from MK and there was snow on it and we couldn't skate it. It was raining in Derby but we headed off in good faith that the rain wouldn't follow.

And it didn't.

Gabs was psyched

Awesome park

Varied tranny sizes

Driveway rolling

Kearney gets the tail out

Little Ryan.. patient with scooter kids

Session on the big end

Kearney's tailstalls

And front disasters

Blood on Kearney as usual, Josh + Ryan escape unharmed

Enough footage was captured here... next park

Car boot sale

So we rolled up to Braunstone Pool Plaza

Everyone psyched, complete street park which was perfect as we'd just been at the perfect tranny park

Built in an old pool, loads of street obstacles

Hubbas, banks, stairs. Block after block for line mania... if you like that sort of thing

And a massive space in the middle for SKATE battles

Some good stuff went down the stairs as soon as we rolled up as we were so hyped

Just a 4 but longer that usual

Clearly stoked

Clearly all haggered by end of day

Last trick of the day... everyone land a switch or nollie flip... we were haggard.
Drove home was epic until the massive traffic jam. Epic

Defo go there:

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