Sunday, 13 September 2009

The House comp: The lowdown

Sunny day, BBQ outside The House, total lurk mania. Everyone and his dog was there either shredding or slamming, and before we go on - the results for the comps were as follows:

Pro / Sponsored

1 - Eddie Belvedere

2 - Ben Grove

3 - John Bell

16 and over

1 - Tom Ball

2 - Ash Hall

3 - Chung

16 and under

1 - Max

2 - Matlock Bennet-Jones

3 - Rob Southern

Also note that Derby man Lewis Mottershaw came second in 12 and under, woooot

Early days: Lewis Mottershaw switch heels for second place

With his winnings

Chris Gair booms an ollie

Smedley bangs a staple tré... truckbolts every time

Rad Dad shoots Craig FS flip the hip

Gair fuels up on the Taurine

5 in a 3 minute run at a time kept it flowing

Rad Dad poses for one with Smedley - before he dislocated his shoulder in the comp final... get well soon dude

Ringo FS nosegrind

MC Kennelly drops the lyrics while the comp was on... Slugger repping

Tom Ball blazes a 360 flip over the hip, taking first place in the over 16s

Highest wallride comp, Max took this


Best trick on the vert wall

It was bedlam out there... calm down dear

Grove was on form

A crip ollie over the hip... who is this - we can't see your face!

Shaun Currie crooks

Bambi nollie flips the hip

Gair on the coast.

You talkin ta me?... Shaun Currie ready to rock.

Smedders booms a kickflip

Craig was on fire

Spot Dave in the bleared confusion of the day. Hint, he's wearin a green un.

Best trick on the vert wall contest... fs mute
Raging on the wall

Max won the highest wallride

Beastly high

Rob Southern got a nollie fs 180 later

Lone ranger, Chris kickflip on the D/way

Smedley bs flip the hip

Ball's millerflip, blink and ya missed it.

Ringo was blastin most of the time...going for a nollie heel on the volcano

The House uses mice as cleaners, these live in janitors emerge at night to remove any remnants of skaters, like skin residue, drops of blood, human feces, dandruff and bum fluff which accumulates during the day... handy!

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