Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Late Skate Lock-in

6PM Sharp: We had one our to tape off our skate area upstairs in Westfield, set up, stick up the posters and brackets charts... and cordon off the area.

7PM Sharp: 30 skaters and their entourage roll up and hit the dance floor with overcrowded and excitable trick attack mayhem.

The students in Westfield for the rest of the lock-in event looked stunned.

The Set Up
The skate area is born

Hooked lurkfest, Josh, John and Kate rehearse for Westfield Security job applications

Josh tests out the floor

General Randomness
Rad Dad has a license to shoot

Josh was on filming duty for the first section

Becca- cam with fish eye fitted.

Aidan chucks a trick down, while everyone else queues up for a pop... it was mayhem

Phil and Kate check out the latest 2S stock.

Stickers had a prime position.

Gair's Gay Hair deck

JB not JD.

Jacob accumulating the air time.

Smedders takes to the dance floor for a solo number.

Chris Gair was on form

Phil got stuck into the camera work

We thought Smedders had blown it before his first match... luckily just his shoe

Mega crowds gathered at the tournament games

'Ready for anything' position

Kearny, Ball and Callum Moore ready to drop a move on the dancefloor

Josh and Jacob were right good at it

A clapping hand wrecks the shot of Craig battling

Josh P - landing every 360 flip variation

You see that?
Yep that flip was sweet!
No man there's bats livin in the roof.
Ahh... that's shit hot dude yaaaa.

The janitor rolled his sleeves up and had a go.

Let The Battles Commence
So here's how the names arrived out of the hat.

Ed Bowen on the mega, Toby B looks on.

Fraser and Jacob swashbuckle...uh?
Fraser was battling good

So was Jacob

Chris G and Tom B up next
Sheddin past the shoe rack.

Not Tom's nite and Gair takes the win.

Josh Price v Dave Ford
Dave boosts a fakie fs shove.

Josh returns the favor with some lovely regular and fakie trés

After a breather- Chris and Jacob clash trucks.

Jacob's got a beast of a fs flip

Gair blazes a fakie flip

Jacob hovers a switch heel

Craig and Josh swap sideways glances...

Keepin them uppercuts down to a minimum.

Smedders makes a switch hardflip

One of Josh's many trés

Smedders moves onto next round!

Jacob's secret stash of fakie double flip

Smedatron hovers

Jacob and Craig matching tricks.

And the crowd goes wild... tricks were being blown out left, right and centre!

1st and 2nd, what a throw down!


Judgement day, Dave with Jamie manager from the Element shop.

Tom Ball has some tech stuff up his sleeve - winning a deck from the Element shop in Nottingham for a cab flip in the best trick jam at the end

How it all ended - Jacob Bettinson finally took down Smedders

What an epic night. Every battle was super exciting, and everyone had fun. Some battles spat out some winners no-one expected, and Jacob Bettinson took 1st prize. The results are:

1st place: Jacob Bettinson

2nd place: Craig Smedley

3rd place Josh Price

4th place: Chris Gair

Best trick on flat: Tom Ball

So thanks to everyone who showed up and skated, helped, shot picture, shouted through the megaphone, watched, sat down or stood up. No thanks to the DJs with the music that deafened everyone and rendered our megaphone useless!

Cheers to Toby Batchelor for judging with Dickfingers (Ed Bowen from Caught In The Crossfire) on the megaphone. 2Seasons - thanks for inviting us in and making it possible with the £100 vouchers as first prize.

Cheers to Rollersnakes for supplying some goodies for 2nd and 3rd place.

Fraser Doughty VS Jacob Bettinson, see below

This guy enjoyed it, we think... conflicting hand gestures.

The stuff you collect eh!

Battle 01: Fraser VS Jacob

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