Thursday, 3 September 2009

Roll With Us Session: 31.08.09

So it's the Bank Holiday Monday session... and it was rammed. Cheers to everyone who came, local and regular lurkers Jimmy, Dave, all the Ryans, Chris Gair repping, Josh Price, Aiden, Adam Garcia, Ringo, Josh from Hooked, Becca and Rad Dad Wayne, Tom Kelly, Josh B, Connor, Lewis, Gav, Snoop and all you other skate beasts young and old.

Josh modelling

Dave Raged

Rad was down

Gav was breaking

Peter Parker

Yarp, Ryan was on form

Josh getting some blunt practice

Ringo boosts one

As does Aiden

Then goes for a back smith

Ryan kirk lurks

Adam pre takeoff

Aiden tries the untried

NBD for sure

Right up the arse - good luck sitting down

Suspicious character


The comp was flatground elimination, which ended with Josh Price VS Chris Gair at SKATE... Chris took the tee trophy. Don't forget to vote on Saturdays comp, up at the top right of the blog... Do it!

Look below at the lurkcam footage

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