Thursday, 10 September 2009

Roll With Us

Episode 7 of 8

Yo Yo the summer sessions have finished and it ended on a stonker. One session left in late October so keeper your peepers on here as well as for the word on it.

Everyone and their Uncle turned up to blast the ramps and a wicked time was had shredding some cracking tricks and lines.

We have been so lucky throughout the Summer to have dry sunny days every time we turned up. Just want to say - hope everyone enjoyed it, we sure as hell did.

One more session 24th October, be there or find a horse head in yo bed...nah not really. cheers

Phil and Dave set up the quarter

While Rad Dad gets under the bonnet of the driveway

Chris Gair gets training

Matt kickflips to rock n roll

Enjoi crew

Ryan K ollies 6 decks... boom

"I wanna see 10 clean treflips fool"

Chris Gair says: "Safety first"

Jack gets on the mega

Slam dunk

Josh in black and white

Ringo was excited

Skaters and lurkers in their natural habitat

Rad and Josh were discussing lines to film

Becca's filming apprentice

Rad Dad rides the hoop for footage

Kate in yo face

Josh practices some 5050s

Looks like a tre from Josh Nicholson over the makeshift step up

FS 180 from Tim

Josh ollies the gap

Dave heels it after 5 slams


Mini Lewis melons it

Tye ollie to manny

Josh booms an ollie

Ringo clears the flat

Matt booms a kickflip

So does josh

Lurkers ready for the SKATE battle

Josh and Tim preparing for a game of SKATE

Chris Gair needs risers

I'll have this, this, this and this

Ringo blazes through to the final of the SKATE tournament, bagging second prize

Jacob gets first place - check the epic final in the edit below

Josh models the hoodie that was found - Email if it's yours

Stay positive

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