Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Late Skate Lock-In

Hello hello
We're holding a game of SKATE tournament.

On September 29th 2009 Hooked will be riding the Westfield Centre Derby.
Westfield Derby have invited Hooked, along with a few skaters, to skate at the Student Lock-in night between 7 - 11pm. We'll be hosting a game of SKATE where 8 participants will battle it out to win £100 in 2Seasons vouchers. There will be prizes for second place too.

We'll post the battles on our blog for you all to see. Participants include George Worthington, Tom Ball, Craig Smedley, Chris Gair, Dave Ford, Josh Price, Jacob Bettinson and Fraser Doughty. You can vote who you think will win here.

Our game of SKATE is part of an event at Westfield aimed at students with NUS cards. If you have one, you can get in. Students will be lurking all around and Zane Lowe will be doing a DJ set. So if you're a student and you have an NUS card, you can get in.

Hooked can only invite a certain amount of people, so if you're invited you should have or will soon receive an invitation by email. Don't worry if you've not received one yet, there's still time.

Don't forget, the battles will be on here for you all to see.

Stay tuned. Any questions, get in touch.

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