Wednesday, 9 September 2009


6th Sept.-9th Oct.

If your in the conurbation of Derby over the next month it maybe worth popping into "deda" on Chapel Street for a coffee cake and a look see.

And if you were told to stop staring when you were younger then start now, Noparking has set up some scummy stuff for you to stare at.

Sip and nibble amongst the works.

What you starin at, the robot questions?

A juxtaposition of contemporary pieces which show... aahh just go have a look!

Hope post arrives on time!

Chris Tree's acrylic on board and canvas.

George Harris scratching in the black paint.

Pass me a tish I'm breakin up, sniff.

Sara Burden: We build on the foundations, but the cracks begin to appear, before we fall apart.

Thought these Knobs were placed appropriately.

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